Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whacked out on Dayglow

Crespo performs at Dayglow in Finch Fieldhouse on Feb. 24.

David Solano performs at Dayglow in Finch Fieldhouse on Feb. 24.

Winter Driving

A tractor-trailer drives south on US-127 near Mount Pleasant.

Last Minutes With Oden

                                               Eliot Rausch

In a six-minute short by Eliot Rausch, the close bond between man and dog become powerfully prevalent.

The film documents the melancholy lingering in Jason Wood, whose dog Oden will soon be euthanized at the end of a long battle against cancer.

Wood struggles and laments about Oden. The film poignantly indicates the struggle of losing something so personally connected to oneself.

It begins with Wood talking about his experience in prison. He speaks about his dark past as intimate camerawork by photographers Luke Korver and Matt Taylor flash images of Wood going through his daily routine.

Wood makes it clear early on in the six-minute film: his life would not have turned for the better had Oden not entered his life.